One tenth of a second.

That’s the speed of a first impression; all the time it takes for someone to judge who they think you are.

Confident and capable – or tired and insecure?
Professional in the limelight – or deer in the headlights?

Wrong or right, fair or unfair – it’s all decided in a matter of milliseconds.

I’ll give you a say in that decision.

Your headshot shows up everywhere – from your profile to your résumé. It’s not just a photo – it’s the face you show to the world and the personal brand people will know you for.

As your headshot photographer, I’ve got a talent for bringing out your best to get a shot that opens doors, creates opportunities and impresses even your toughest audience.

Get ready to kiss “I’m not photogenic” goodbye.


(Even if You Hate Getting Your Picture Taken)

Let’s be honest: getting your photo taken can be pretty awkward.

Maybe you’ve been forced to cram into a stuffy studio and nervously bend yourself into impossible poses while a total stranger keeps insisting that you “smile!”

That’s enough to make anyone cringe at the thought of being in front of the camera.

Good news: That’s not how I work at all.

I know how easy it is to get nervous, freeze up or let insecurities get in the way of capturing the real you.

You don’t need to be a model to get an incredible headshot – you just need someone to show you what works!

And that’s what I do.

My job is to create the kind of warm, welcoming environment it takes to capture those genuine emotions.

It’s an experience unlike any other photography session you might’ve had before – and I promise you’ll leave feeling positive about what we’ve accomplished.

Bold or playful, witty or wise – I specialize in bringing your positive traits to the surface in a way the world will notice.

What I do differently:

  • Before we snap a single shot, I spend a little time getting to know you, your personality, your passions and the way you want to be seen by the world.
  • I’ve brought together the best of the best in the industry for makeup, hair and photo retouching – so you’ll be working with a team of professionals dedicated to making sure you look your best.
  • As I shoot your session, we review your images as we go so you can share what you like, see what’s working and work together to fix what’s not.
  • Some photos will be great, others will be… yikes! Don’t worry – it’s all part of the process.
  • We keep the good shots and toss the bad ones, so you know what you’re getting, and keep working until we’ve got the shot we’re after.
  • I coach you through the session with helpful tips, creative ideas and easy techniques, showing you exactly what to do to get a headshot that makes you look approachable, likable and professional.You’ll be surprised at the huge difference a few little changes and an ounce of confidence will make!
  • I will never, EVER tell you to “Say Cheese”. I don’t patronize – we’ll talk, laugh and create together in a way that’s natural, easy and (surprisingly) fun.

What Should I Expect at My Session?

1. Handshakes & Hellos

When you arrive, I’ll shake your hand, grab you a coffee (or a water, if you prefer) and we’ll start going through your wardrobe options. I’ll ask you to bring 5 – 10 different looks (usually just tops for headshots) so we can have a variety to choose from.

2. Hair & Makeup (Optional)

For those ladies who want their makeup done professionally, my in-house hair and makeup artist will get to work giving you a photo-ready makeover that accentuates all your best features.

We don’t typically recommend makeup service for the fellas, but do offer it as an option if you’re concerned about problem skin or glare. Regardless, we’ll make sure you’re camera-ready!

3. Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Once you’re feeling comfortable and settled in, we start snapping photos.

I’ll encourage you to experiment with different looks, emotions and angles, on the hunt for the perfect shot. You don’t even have to think about it!

As we go through your session, we’ll stop periodically to review the shots we’ve taken on a big screen. You can see what’s working and change what isn’t. I’ll need you to speak up and tell me what you’re loving and hating – so don’t pull any punches. I can take it, and this is all about you.

4. The Edit

When we’re all finished with your session, we’ll review the images that have made it to our final cuts, select the ones we love, discard the ones we don’t and send all the keepers into an online proofing gallery.

You’re emailed the link and password to the proofing gallery before leaving the studio so that you can take a closer look, share, get some feedback and choose your favorites for retouching.

5. Retouching

After you’ve had some time to review on your own, you can choose your favorite images for retouching and printing via your online proofing gallery.

6. Delivery

The digital copies of your retouched images will be delivered to you via digital download.

If you have chosen to purchase the full buyout of your session, all of your high-resolution images will be delivered via digital download – or you can come by the studio to pick up a flash drive.

The Headshot Experience

Session Packages

We have the perfect package for you. Contact us for MORE information and details.

Short n’ Sweet

Perfect for those who want a stunning headshot on the quick – but without feeling rushed along the way.

  • 1-Hour in Studio Session
  • 1-2 Unique Look
  • Web Optimized Proofing Gallery
  • Optional Makeup Artist +$75


The Total Professional

More looks, more shots and more variety – a personal, professional experience that gives you more options to choose from.

  • 90-Min in Studio Session
  • 2-3 Unique Looks
  • Web Optimized Proofing Gallery
  • Optional Makeup Artist +$95


The Perfect Shot

The full experience! Try multiple looks, explore environments, review your shots and leave knowing we’ve captured your best looks from every ideal angle.

  • 3-Hour Session includes Studio + Environmental
  • 4-5 Unique Looks
  • Web Optimized Proofing Gallery
  • Optional Makeup Artist +$125


Payment due in full at the time of session.
Cash, check and credit cards accepted.

Retouched Images: Start at $65.

Optional: Full Buyout – If you’d like to have all of your high-resolution images from your online proofing gallery released to you directly, you can purchase a full buyout of your session for $350.

Looking for a group, corporate or day rate?
Contact Us today for a custom quote.

Get a Look the Camera Loves

For the Ladies

A professional hair and makeup artist is available (as an added option) to help touch up your hair and accentuate your natural beauty with makeup designed to make you look amazing in our studio lighting.

For the Fellas

If you’re growing some scruff or a beard and would like to shoot headshots both with and without your facial hair, we’re happy to allow enough time for you to shave during your session.

Makeup isn’t typically recommended for guys but if you would like the hair and makeup artist on location for styling hair or addressing problem skin let us know and we will discuss options and pricing upon request.

Important: Please arrive with your hair styled the way you’d normally wear it. We can work with you to finesse the style you already have to look best on camera. Full hair service is an additional fee and will need to be scheduled prior to session.

Behind the Lens: Alaina Lutkitz

I’ve got a funny little habit of surprising people; a mile-high personality packed in a five-foot-nothin’ frame. The opposite of intimidating – and anything but apathetic.

See, life’s too short not to do what you love. I learned early on that I was too curious and creative for a cubicle – so I left to pursue my passions. Because what I really love is connecting.

Connecting with people, and connecting those people to their best and truest selves through the lens of my camera.

I love watching my clients transform from “nervous” to “knockout” as they finally get to see themselves in a way they’d never thought possible.

And as it turns out, confidence is contagious.

So go ahead, call me an idealist – but I believe everyone can look amazing on camera. You’re no exception – and I can’t wait to prove it.

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a: 111 Cleveland St, Greenville, SC 29601

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